We use the same software as all of the top insurance companies when building damage estimates. This allows us to give the insurance company a scope of the entire loss, not just what the insurance company thinks it should be. The insurance company adjusters do not do this in order to reduce their companies loss ratios.


One of our goals is to maximize your claim, where as your insurance company tries to pay as little as your insurance company tries to pay as little as possible on a claim in order to save their company money and increase their profit margins. The primary role of a Public Adjuster is to work for you during the claims process, NOT the insurance company. We are experts in all property damage claims including commercial properties.


At UPIAG we offer free consultation of your potential claim as well as a policy review to ensure that you have proper coverage. Since we don’t get paid until you do, it is in our best interest as well as yours for us to complete a thorough inspection of your property and policy prior to any paperwork being signed.